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Aphrodisias – 2013 Turkey – Zigurats Research

Aphrodisias was a small ancient Greek city in Caria. Its site is located near the modern village of Geyre, Turkey, about 230 km (140 miles) south-east of İzmir and about 100 km (62 miles) inland from the coast.

Aphrodisias was named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, who had here her unique cult image, the Aphrodite of Aphrodisias. According to the Byzantine encyclopedic compilation called the Suda

Learn Chinese in China – Chinese language Program in Beijing or Shanghai – Hutong School

Learn Chinese is funny - Cultural Activities in China - Hutong School in Beijing and ShannghaiLearn Chinese in China
Your Chinese Language Program in Beijing or Shanghai

Want to learn Chinese in China? Hutong School is your number 1 choice.
Learn Mandarin Chinese   –  Accommodation in Beijing and Shanghai   –  Chinese Cultural Activities in Beijing and Shanghai   –  Community Spirit at Hutong School

Chinese Classes
4h/day of classes in small groups

Private room with all utilities includedLearn Chinese in China - Hutong School - Accommodation - Private room with all utilities included - Apartments in China

Cultural Activities
2-3/week – workshops, lectures and trips

Community Spirit
Your second family away from home
Intensive Chinese Language Program

Learn Chinese in China - Hutong School - Chinese classFlexibility
Choose your length of stay: from two weeks to 1 year or longer
All levels: from absolute beginners to advanced and specialized coursesCorporate Classes - Learn Chinese on Hutong School - Beijing and Shanghai
All year round applications: programs start on the first Monday of every month
All ages: we accept students of 18 years and above

Top Rated
Founded in 2005 and since welcomed over 3000 students
First foreign Chinese school licensed by the Chinese Ministry of Education
Over 20 university partnerships within Europe and the USA
Awarded Recommended Provider and China Recommended Program by GoOverseas